Monday 18th June 2018

Core Network - Backhaul Down


Connectivity has now been restored.


Preparation of the two temporary fibre joints is ongoing. Splicing is due to start approximately at 13:30 and is expected to take several hours to complete.


Fibre splicers have now arrived at one end of the fibre, the second has been held up in traffic & due to arrive on site shortly. Splicing work has now commenced at one end.


Pulling of temporary strap fibre has been completed. Awaiting the civil works crew to complete the two new joints required before splicing can commence.


3rd Party Fibre provider has updated. Work on a dropped curb for a new driveway is suspected to be the cause of the break. Rodding & Roping of the duct is ongoing to check its condition.


The providers have pinpointed the break to a residential property in Cambridge. Work on a dropped curb for a new driveway is suspected to be the cause of the break.


The providers have narrowed down the break location within 1km. They are currently walking the route, looking for physical damage that may have caused the break. The spare cable drum and jointers are also on site, ready to pull in fibre when required.


The fibre engineers are continuing their investigations in the geographical location of the fibre break. The fault resolution is being delayed by numerous road works.


The provider advises that engineers have now pinpointed the fibre break. A replacement fibre cable drum is now being picked up from Duxford.


Engineers have identified a fibre break 17.6 km outside of Cambridge. Jointers have been called to the fault location to work on the fibre.


The provider has advised the outage is due to a suspected fibre break between Cambridge and Peterborough. Fibre engineers are en route to carry out testing.


Our monitoring systems have alerted us to a fault affecting our backhaul connectivity for our core network between DCN1 and our London Telehouse West POP at 16:09. Traffic was automatically re-routed via alternate paths in our network.

We have contacted the supplier and will provide further information as it becomes available.