Thursday 3rd October 2019

Urgent Network Maintenance - DCN2 - 04/10/2019, scheduled 2 years ago

Description of work

CWCS intends to perform urgent maintenance overnight to reboot of one of our DCN2 core routers (rt04-dcn2).

Time and date

Start: 01:00 04/10/2019

Finish: 01:30 04/10/2019



Anticipated impact

Due to redundancy built into the network, we don't anticipate any impact to customer traffic, however their will be reduced redundancy for customers with servers in DCN2 or hosted on Supreme Cloud, so connectivity should be considered to be at 'at risk' for the duration of the maintenance.

CWCS would like to apologise for the short notice of this notification, and any inconvenience caused by this maintenance.

Should you require further information, please contact us via our customer portal.