Friday 14th January 2022

DCN1 - Network Issue

Our monitoring systems have alerted us to an issue affecting our core network at DCN1 - we are currently investigating. Connectivity to servers within this facility may be intermittently affected, we apologise for any inconvenience this may be causing.

We will provide updates regarding this issue as they become available.

== Update 17:20 ==

We believe the issue has now been resolved, and we are monitoring the situation.

== Root Cause == At the time of the outage our network received a significant DoS attack targeting a server within our DCN1 data centre, our DDoS/DoS mitigation identified the attack and started mitigation – this took a 10 minutes to stabilise the network before connectivity was fully restored. We are investigating the attack target and have invoked mitigation until midnight to prevent any further outages. Further investigation will be conducted as per our internal processes.